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Byram Dhalla

apostrophie BharatBenz is a unique one-stop solution for me. apostrophie
Byram Dhalla,
B.D. Dhalla Transport, Mumbai.

BharatBenz trucks are designed and built taking into account the needs of truckers in India. It is the right choice when it comes to providing value-for-money. BharatBenz offers sound for the Indian trucking community.

Rahul Shabadra

apostrophie I have forgotten what
maintenance is. apostrophie
Rahul Shabadra,
Girish Transport, Dhule.
The tale of
Our story spans for 128 years of automotive excellence. And this ever-unfolding story is one of understanding, innovation, excellence, reliability and commitment to make Truck-o-nomics a reality in India today. The knowledge and experience over the years have gone into creating a new brand BharatBenz whose trucks will provide the right products for India. BharatBenz delivers maximum performance with minimum down time that promises to transform the way trucking is done in India. read more
Power Ahead with

The exciting range from 9 to 49 tonne trucks is a perfect blend of best-in-class German technology and Indian enterprise that will fulfill the dreams of the Indian truckers by giving them reliable trucks with the right value proposition.

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apostrophie For me BharatBenz is
the king of trucks. apostrophie
Arupudai Group, Chennai.

With its unmatched quality of engineering, performance and robustness, BharatBenz has emerged as one of the most trusted truck brands. Today in the most challenging mining projects, one would invariably find a BharatBenz truck.

Superior support + ProServ philosophy =

When your business is always on the move, you need to be backed by a service network that spans across the country. An integral part of BharatBenz, ProServ is committed to provide pro-active after-sales support to maximize uptime and productivity. Our workshops are equipped with advanced tools and processes that ensure the fastest turnaround time for service. The frontline after-sales personnel are trained at integrated training center at Daimler India Commercial Vehicles. Over 1800 people have been trained to handle all service related aspects with you as the customer in the focus. Welcome to our network