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the power of understanding
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Driving your business through profit and technology

BharatBenz symbolizes the harmonious confluence of the values, ideologies and spirit of India with the lineage of invention, innovation, and engineering excellence that have led to generations of Daimler’s global leadership. BharatBenz is committed to be an integral part of the advancement of the Indian economy by providing commercial mobility solutions that will accelerate the progress of business in India.

In 2012, BharatBenz embarked on our journey in India with one definite promise- Transform the Indian Commercial Vehicle Industry. Today, the BharatBenz range of 9-49 Tonne trucks have redefined how trucks are used in India-

  • High engine power and high fuel efficiency are now part of the same package
  • Deliveries are faster and always on time
  • Customer service is proactive and world-class
  • Customer profitability is always at a high

With the new range of modern 9 Tonne buses, BharatBenz is now determined to make buses the preferred mode of transportation in the school, staff and tourist transport. The travel experience for the Indian traveller and the way of work for the bus operator are set to be transformed through creation of new levels of comfort, reliability and most importantly safety.

A rich history of innovation


The names of the founding fathers of Daimler AG, Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz, are inseparably linked with the creation of the automobile. From the very beginning, Daimler's automobiles have been positioned as the leading vehicles for quality, safety, comfort and reliability.

The Power of Understanding

BharatBenz understands the growing demands of modern truck drivers in India and addresses them with its best-in-class range of superior products that offer optimal total cost of ownership.

The initial years were well spent in understanding what the Indian trucking community wanted as a truck that they could call their own. The meticulous research on road-load data captured has given us insights of trucking from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

DICV invested Rs. 4,400 crores in a 400 acre, state-of-the-art plant at Oragadam, Chennai. The test track, the first facility to be built, consists of a super elevation track that enables testing at 3 different speeds including a jump section and a noise pad. The testing facility also includes a bump track with 40,832 cobble stones laid to precision, articulation and pot holes, which together stimulate the toughest conditions that a truck may have to traverse on Indian roads.

The Power of Understanding

Global Trucking Excellence

Global leadership through innovation and a rich reservoir of local insights are natural outcomes of our zeal for modernization. The creation of new markets and opportunities is the result of the value we place on excellence and our constant endeavor to provide only the very best in Truck-o-nomics.

Performance through Pedigree

In 1896 Daimler introduced the world's first motorized truck. In 1923 the Mercedes-Benz division of Daimler trucks introduced the first diesel-engined trucks. In 1932 Daimler-Benz launched the world's first series production light trucks. These numerous milestones stand testimony to our commitment to redefine transportation for the world.

Committed to you at all time

To make our customers feel at ease, BharatBenz has a highly responsive 24X7 on-road assistance. The central customer helpline is operational to handle queries in 8 Indian languages. ProServ, the after-sales philosophy ensures that the trucks are always available for the customers business with minimum downtime.

The integrated training centre has imparted knowledge and honed the skill of over 1800 service personnel. Special training is also imparted to drivers thereby enabling them to perform better. Daimler, with its global presence and its diverse brands of trucks, not only creates history by setting benchmarks, but has the habit of surpassing them while setting new ones yet again.

As the world evolved, so did our philosophy. Our designers and engineers refined it and took it forward with passion. The spirit of innovation and excellence that defined the company over a century ago continues to do so even today - with a passion that is growing day by day.

Bringing Trucks to where you are

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