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Designed to Deliver
Experience Expertise
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Service that looks ahead for you

An integral part of the BharatBenz trucking experience, ProServ, is a service that looks ahead for you. It will save you time, money and resources, required otherwise for the upkeep of your truck. Speedy, effective and reliable, ProServ is designed to suit the specific needs of your business. It will ensure you manage your business and concentrate on expanding it, leaving everything else about the truck to us.

Designed to Deliver

A thorough understanding of Indian conditions has helped us build trucks that work for you. We took into consideration every concern you may have regarding a truck's performance and addressed it right from the design stage. Which is why, sturdy, reliable, fuel-efficient and low maintenance are words that best define a BharatBenz truck. The time you spend in the workshop will no longer eat into the time you can otherwise utilise towards growing your business. Lesser maintenance, longer service intervals and more time on the road.

Most reliable trucks

To ensure that only the sturdiest trucks reach our customers, each BharatBenz truck is built with aggregates, sub-systems and parts having higher life. Apart from this our trucks also undergo rigorous testing for millions of kilometers on all terrains. With reliability built into their design, BharatBenz trucks are designed to deliver superior performance in the most challenging conditions of India.

Best in Class Warranty Period

Our best in class warranty periods reflect the confidence we have in the sturdiness of our products and their performance. It is the assurance of a world-class manufacturer that ensures you maximum uptime and higher business profits.

Longer Oil Change Intervals

The maintenance intervals of BharatBenz trucks have set new standards in the industry. We offer the longest service intervals in order to reduce the number of times you visit the workshop. The time you save, you can utilise towards growing your business.

Driver Friendly Alert Signals

Your BharatBenz vehicles are installed with driver-friendly signal systems which provide useful information to the driver like engine over running signal and air filter choke indicator to name a few. Also, it alerts the driver of any probable malfunctions in the truck. The driver can fix the problem directly with the help of our 24X7 technical hotline, drive into any authorised dealership or call for our mobile workshop facility.

Experience Expertise

The offerings of ProServ were conceived to ensure one thing, faster turnaround time. That's why, quick response time with precise and accurate closure of complaints are the distinguishing features of our services. Our approach is thorough and systematic so that we can get your truck back on the road without wasting any time.

Network reach

To ensure that all our services and facilities are easily available to you, we have created a wide network of dealerships, set up across 113 strategic locations, across India. So no matter where you are, we will be with you in less than 4 hours.

High productive Express Bays

When your trucks are on the move and have little time to spare, you can utilise our exclusive express bays for their immediate servicing needs. These bays are equipped with a Centralised Lube Dispensing system, what we call innovative lubrication. Here, we will service your truck on priority basis, so that your driver along with your truck face no delays and are back on the road in no time.

Special Tools & Equipment

It’s not just our trucks, even the tools at our workshops are state-of-the-art. We use specialised tools for tricky repairs and special equipment to carry aggregates across bays. All this, just to ensure your trucks are handled with the best of care and the latest in auto-repair technology.

Well-Trained Service Staff

We are extremely particular about the quality of service we offer to our customers. That’s why, we have set up a world-class training facility in Oragadam, where we rigorously train all staff through various theoretical and practical exercises; reason why they have the innate ability to rectify a problem at the first instance itself. In other words, they always get it right the first time. Also, to make sure that your truck is handled correctly while body building, we undertake an intensive on campus and onsite training for our body builders. This is to ensure your truck is safe from any unnecessary damage due to negligence or mishandling.

Advanced Diagnostic System

Diagnosis is the heart and soul of any repair process. Our engineers at BharatBenz have developed an advance diagnostic system which not only helps in diagnosing the problem at hand correctly but also provides information on problems that may arise in the future. Our diagnosis is aided with troubleshooting which enables us to address problems quickly and effectively. As a customer you will be able to eliminate unforeseen problems and are ensured complete ease of operations.

Online technical information platform

After Sales Central (ASCENT) is a touch-enabled, animated multilingual single interface system available at our workshops across India which provides details about the functioning of every aggregate used in a BharatBenz truck. This is to ensure that our service technicians always have ready access to the necessary information and can rectify issues accurately.

24X7 Customer Support and Technical Hotline

Our multilingual toll-free number is a one-stop helpline for all your service needs. Drivers and fleet owners can reach us at any time with any query, be it for on-road assistance or technical support. Since it’s monitored by a centralised cell, quick and effective closure of customer complaints is guaranteed.

Mobile Service Workshops

Now breakdowns are not a reason for worry. We have state-of-the-art Mobile Service Workshops, equipped with genuine parts, genuine lubes, float aggregates and tools that can handle almost all kinds of breakdowns. These Mobile Service Workshops are connected to our Customer Support Centre via GPS for assistance. But the best part is that we target to reach you in 4 hours, anywhere in India. It is a BharatBenz commitment.

Genuine Parts and Genuine Lubes

The usage of BharatBenz Genuine Parts and Genuine Lubes ensures longer aggregate life which translates to minimum maintenance and repair cost, improved vehicle performance and hence maximum profitability.

Connect with us: Toll Free No.: 1-800-30012345 E-mail: dicv_service@daimler.com

Stay A Step Ahead

We want you to manage just your business, leaving everything about the truck to us. That's why we are the first ones in the industry to offer maintenance packs and extended warranty of the longest duration. Further to that, we’ve even tailor-made our financing solutions to suit your specific needs. All this, so that you can enjoy complete peace of mind.

Maintenance Pack

This is a comprehensive service package offered for your vehicles to take care of almost all maintenance related needs and hassles ensuring you peace of mind. Services can be availed in any of our authorised dealerships throughout the country. This is available for all the models across application for longest duration with exclusive financing facility and flexible payment options.

  • All scheduled services like oil changes, aggregate overhauling using repair kits etc.
  • All wear & tear parts like clutch disc, brake liners, wheel bearings etc.
  • Repair or replacement of vehicle aggregates in case of any failures
  • Washing & greasing as part of scheduled service
  • Breakdown Assistance
Customer benefits
  • Reliable servicing using Genuine BharatBenz parts & Genuine BharatBenz Lubes
  • Lesser breakdowns thus higher profitability
  • Lesser cost of fleet management - No administration charges
  • Cashless service throughout the country
  • Protection against price inflation
  • Customisation options available
  • Higher resale value
  • Better performance of vehicles
  • Fixed cash flow
  • No need for in house workshop
  • No parts or lubes carrying cost
  • Helps in contract tendering
Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty is a highly cost effective and powerful product to further reinforce the Standard Warranty. It covers your entire *Drive line i.e. Engine, Transmission & Rear Axle for a longer duration. Another reason to trust that it's a robust and reliable truck that you steer. This insurance is exclusively designed for your BharatBenz vehicles and it comes with unique features like cashless facility, zero depreciation & towing facility which ensure quick and quality accident repairs to customers, without any hassles and at no extra cost. This product will ensure that customers get the best in class accident repair assistance at BharatBenz authorised dealerships, anywhere in India.

Aftersales Fitment and Genuine Accessories

The usage of BharatBenz Genuine Parts and Genuine Lubes ensures longer aggregate life which translates to minimum maintenance and repair cost, improved vehicle performance and hence maximum profitability.

Bharat Stage IV

Better fuel-efficiency with low maintenance costs

BHARATBENZ Trucks comply with BS IV emission standards as regulated by Govt of India to keep the environment and atmosphere cleaner and greener.

Our complete range of BHARATBENZ trucks are available with BS IV engines, which delivers best results in terms of performance and efficiency with superior technology. This technology is from the proven Mercedes Benz platform of European Trucks without any modifications in our current engine design.

“Best in class trucks that powers you ahead”

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